Annual Endowment Gifts

Your gift through the Annual Endowment Gift program goes to work immediately to provide enhancements for our Temple today, as well as help ensure that the generations who follow us will inherit a strong and vibrant home of Reform Judaism.

    1. To make your Annual Endowment Gift online, click here.
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Why make a gift each year?

Our Temple’s membership dues commitments provide only a portion of the congregation’s revenue.  Our Endowment is another significant source of income that is specifically used to provide enhancements to our Temple’s programming each year.  Therefore, your gift helps makes the difference between having an average and an outstanding congregation.  Additionally, your gifts over time help build a “savings account” to make sure that our Temple has assets in reserve for unexpected needs in the years ahead.

Where does my annual gift go?

You have the flexibility to designate that your gift be applied to a specific fund or purpose that you care about, or rely on the Board’s discretion by simply making a gift to the General Endowment Fund.  Over the past several years, Endowment funds have provided the magnificent choir and flowers for the High Holy Days, many special guest speakers and musical concerts, much of the communications to our membership (including this website), retreats and camp scholarships for our young people – and much, much more. To learn more click here.

What size gift should I make?

Whatever area you choose to support, and whatever amount you decide is most appropriate, will count towards our Temple’s success and vitality.  Gifts both large and small are welcome!  Our goal is simply for as many members of our congregation to participate as possible.  We suggest a minimum annual contribution of $25 – or you may choose to pay for larger gifts in installments over the course of the year (please use the printable form, below). Every gift makes a difference – for today and tomorrow.

Added Benefits to Consider — Many of our congregants who participate in our Annual Endowment Gift program have also discovered the benefit of making gifts of $250 or more.  By doing so, they receive thirty (30) complimentary Endowment acknowledgments.  Those making a gift of at least $100 receive 10 contributions.  These contributors benefit from the convenience of being able to simply phone in or e-mail their acknowledgment information – and they have a “bank” of acknowledgments to utilize throughout the year without sending in individual checks or donations.

What is the timeframe of your annual program?

Our Annual Endowment Gift Program begins in October of each year.  We hope to receive all commitments or pledges by December, and all gifts no later than June.  Upon receiving your commitment, we will send you reminders based upon your payment preferences.

For additional information, please contact the Endowment Fund Office (205)933-8397 or

Legacy Stories

See our online album of stories highlighting many of our Temple families who have designated a legacy gift to help ensure a vibrant future for our congregation.