Beit Midrash – Lifelong Learning

There are multiple opportunities for lifelong learning at Temple Emanu-El!

Temple Emanu-El provides adult education opportunities for those interested in expanding their understanding of Reform Judaism and in expanding relationships with other congregants. Weekly Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon Torah study, led by the clergy, staff, and congregants, have been a popular venue for learning. Every other year, we have offered an Adult Hebrew class, which has led to multiple b’nai mitzvot celebrations. Rabbi Wright leads a thought-provoking lecture series annually. He teaches classes that focus on Jewish History, 19th Century Jewish Movements, and Theology. Rabbi Wright also teaches a popular 12-part Introduction to Judaism Course for both members and those in our greater community interested in learning more about our faith and traditions.

Due to COVID 19, all classes will be held virtually until we are able to safely be together in person.

Torah Study

Blessing before the Study of Torah:

Transliteration: Baruch atah Adonai eloheynu melech ha-olam a-sher kid-shanu b’mitz-votav vitzi-vanu la-asok b-divray torah

English: Blessed are You, Eternal our God, Ruler of the Universe, who sanctifies us with Your Mitzvot and commands us to engage in the study of Torah.

Torah Study meets Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesdays at noon. This is a very special learning experience, lead by clergy, staff, and congregants, with the opportunity for input and thought-provoking discussion.

Join us via Zoom at one of the following links:

  1. Saturday morning: (email for the password)
  2. Wednesday afternoon:

RSVP to Monika Singletary,, or call, 205.933.8037, ext 213