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Who Do I Contact About This?

Listed below are sources for commonly sought information.

News for the Temple BulletinKathryn Pautler, x 235email
A newcomer to BirminghamMonika Singletary, x 213email
A prospective memberMonika Singletary, x 213email
A congregant in the hospitalRabbi Wright, x 230email
The death of a congregant or family memberRabbi Wright, x 230email
Death of family member (not Temple member)Rabbi Wright, x 230email
Cemetery/YahrzeitsKathryn Pautler, x 235email
Dues/Finance/AccountingDanielle Barnett, x 244email
Religious SchoolLynda Gutcheon, x 232email
Scheduling a Bar/Bat Mitzvah dateJudy Edwards, x 230email
Planning a lifecycle celebrationMonika Singletary, x 213email
Scheduling a committee meeting/eventMonika Singletary, x 213email
Non-Death Lifecycle EventsJudy Edwards, x 230email
Temple Tributes/DonationsPam Coggin, x 233email
VendorsKathryn Pautler, x 235email
Suggestion for consideration by the Temple BoardRobert Berman, Presidentemail

Temple Emanu-El
2100 Highland Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35205

Office: 205-933-8037
Fax: 205-933-8099


Temple Bulletin Deadlines

The Temple Bulletin is published at The Temple. If you have information you wish to share with the congregation, please submit it to Monika Singletary no later than the 10th of the month for the upcoming issue.

(if the 10th is on the weekend then please have your information in on the preceding Friday)

Hospital Visits

Due to the new Federal Privacy Regulations, hospitals no longer provide us with a list of patients. If you would like members of the clergy to know of an illness, either your own or that of a family member, please notify Judy Edwards at 205-933-8037 x 230.

Oneg Sponsorship

Oneg sponsorships are great ways to recognize special occasions or events. To sponsor an Oneg, please contact or call 205-933-8037 x 213.

Temple Directory

Senior RabbiRabbi Adam
CantorCantor Robert
Interim Director of EducationLynda
Director of Congregational Engagement & MembershipMonika
Endowment Executive DirectorAlison
Executive Assistant to the ClergyJudy
Director of Finance & AccountingDanielle
Endowment Fund OfficePam Coggin & Dorothy
Executive AssistantKathryn
Facility DirectorBen
Brotherhood PresidentSteven
Sisterhood PresidentSylvia

 Temple Officers 

President ElectCharlie Collat,
Vice PresidentBarbara
Vice PresidentAdam