Annual Financial Support

Support our Temple family with your calendar-year 2024 Annual Financial Commitment.

Please assist us in keeping our records current by completing all sections of the form, even if we have your information on file from previous years, and kindly return it by December 31, 2023. Should we not receive your form, we will assume no changes in your pledge payments for the coming year, and will continue to process your Annual Commitment payments for 2023 accordingly, and will add the new Security Assessment as indicated.

  1. To make your 2024 Annual Financial Commitment:
    1. 2024 Online commitments, click here
    2. Via mail, click here for a printable form
  2. If you have not yet fully paid your 2023 Annual Financial Commitment, please note that payments are now due:
    1. 2023 Online payments, click here   After entering your personal information, be sure to click the 2023 radio button on the form to indicate this is for your 2023 commitment.
    2. Via mail, click here for a printable form
Security Assessment

In 2020, we introduced a new “Security Assessment” of $100 per family or $50 per individual congregant, which you will see on this year’s Financial Commitment Forms. To clarify, this assessment is not intended to be optional  (except for all those under the age of 40).  It is in addition to our customary Annual Financial Dues that provide needed security measures to keep everyone who enters our facilities safe from harm and to protect against the rising threat of cyber security.

Why am I required to make an Annual Commitment in order to belong to the Temple?

Membership at a religious institution should not be evaluated with the same criteria as membership at a health club; it is about supporting our warm and embracing environment, which provides engaging spiritual and meaningful life-cycle experiences for a diverse population.  While Endowment allocations, tuition, and other fees provide a substantial portion of our income, we are still dependent on our Annual Financial Commitments / Dues as a significant source of revenue (70%) to pay the salaries to attract and retain high-caliber clergy and staff, cover our day-to-day operating expenses, care for our facilities, and underwrite many of our programs.

Is there a minimum requirement?

Your leadership is committed to keeping membership affiliation accessible to all, and therefore maintained our sustaining (or minimum) level at $2,500 per family or $1,250 per individual once again this year. Our ability to make synagogue life accessible to all is critical as we aspire to never lose anyone from our circle of worship, religious education, or cultural enrichment due to an inability to afford annual membership. Temple Emanu-El currently provides financial accommodation to those who demonstrate financial hardship, therefore we appreciate those who are financially able to contribute more to do so.

What is the Torah Circle?

As mentioned above, the sustaining Membership Commitment covers only a portion of the Temple’s total operating expenses. It is through the additional contributions of our Torah Circle donors that we are able to fully meet our financial obligations.  Because of our Torah Circle, Temple Emanu-El takes pride in never turning an adult away from membership or a child away from a Jewish education due to financial hardship or inability to meet sustaining membership. If you are financially able, we greatly appreciate your thoughtful consideration to contribute at one of our Torah Circle levels, which is key to ensuring that we remain a caring and inclusive community.

What is the timeframe of my Annual Commitment payments?

Our Annual Financial Commitment cycle follows the calendar – January through December. We hope to receive all 2023 commitments or pledges by December 31, 2023, so that we can plan accordingly. We request that payments are received as follows:

  1. All one-time gifts are received no later than June 2024.
  2. Quarterly gifts will be spread between January, March, June, and October
  3. Monthly payments will be scheduled on the 15th of the month for 12 months, beginning in January through December 2024.
Do I have to pay a full year’s Annual Commitment if I join after the start of the new year?

Our membership is on a calendar year, therefore, we will pro-rate your commitment based on the month you join after January 1st.

Are our Religious School and Hebrew School fees included in our Annual Membership Commitment?

No, these fees are separate and cover the expenses related to teachers, supplies, and snacks/meals for your child/children.  Even so, these fees do not completely cover school operating expenses, which are subsidized by the congregation’s operating budget and our Grafman Endowment Fund.

Volunteer & Interests

We also invite your active involvement in our community — your participation will help further strengthen our congregation.  Please click here to volunteer for one of our many focus areas.  Based on your interests, you will be contacted with more information.