Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund Leadership

2023-24 President

For more than 100 years, Temple Emanu-El has been providing Jewish families in our community with a place to gather, worship, celebrate, and assure that the things we hold to be holy will continue beyond our years. In order to ensure that our wonderful tradition continues, over 40 years ago (in 1979) a permanent Endowment Fund with a separate Board of Directors was created to provide us with the necessary financial means.

Board of Directors

2023-24 Endowment Fund Board

2023-24 Board of Directors

Kenneth Bluestein
Amy Goldstein Chauvin
Ross Cohen
Barbara Fine
Stephanie Friedman
Fran Godchaux
Nancy Goedecke
Bobbie Goldstein
Rebecca Gordon
Andrea Haines
Gerson May
Carole Pizitz
Rick Roth
David Silverstein
Brad Sklar
Charles Stein
Sam Todd
Roxanne Travelute

Executive Staff
Alison Berman – Executive Director
Becky Blow – Administrative Assistant
Pam Coggin – Tributes/Financial Manager
Dorothy Hall – Administrative Assistant

Jerry Held

Vice President
Nancy Goedecke

Charles Stein

Past Presidents
Charles A.Collat, Sr.
Joseph S. Bluestein
Harry H. Bayer
Joel Rotenstreich
Leonard Wertheimer III
Faye Levin
Amy Saag
Candy Meyerson
Ginger Held
Andy Rotenstreich

Neil Roth
Frank A. Siegal

Temple Leadership
Barbara Aland
Charlie Collat, Jr.

Rabbi Adam Wright

Legacy Stories

See our online album of stories highlighting many of our Temple families who have designated a legacy gift to help ensure a vibrant future for our congregation.

The Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund offers numerous gift opportunities — both large and small — for individuals and families to make gifts over and above their dues.  For all gifts, the principal amount remains in reserve and is wisely invested and managed so that the Fund will grow, thereby providing that future generations are able to enjoy the same benefits that we have had during our lifetime.

In recent years, our Endowment Fund has grown so successfully that a portion of the investment income is now used to provide special Temple programs we otherwise might not be able to afford.

There are many options – both large and small – available to contribute through the Endowment Fund.  These include gifts of cash, real estate or other property, or naming Temple Emanu-El as a beneficiary of your estate, life insurance policy or retirement plan.  Many of these options can result in significant estate and/or income tax benefits.  Our Annual Endowment Gift Program (with recognition opportunities for gifts beginning at $100 per year) enables congregants of all economic means to participate in building a fund for our Temple’s future. With all these ways to participate, Temple members receive deep satisfaction from helping to preserve our Jewish heritage.

For more information, contact the Endowment office at (205) 933-8397 or Endowment@ourtemple.org