Temple Circles – Small Groups

Lo Tov L’adam L’hiyot L’vado
It is not good for humans to be alone

Temple Circles Mission Statement: Temple Emanu-El’s (TEE) Temple Circles initiative encourages our Temple family to form groups that have shared interests and passions in order to SEEK, ENGAGE, and TRANSFORM caring and supportive relationships among themselves, with the Temple Emanu-El community, and with Judaism.


Join a Temple Circle Today:
Temple Emanu-El wants to create opportunities for connection between our congregants outside of our Temple. Temple Circles is an opportunity for small groups of people to gather together over Zoom or in-person and share the activities they love, all the while doing something Jewish together. In circles we will explore the local area through dinners out, wine tastings, hiking, adventure sports, and walking, and explore friendships through food, games, hobbies, books, movies, volunteerism, and interpersonal topics.

If You’re Interested in Starting a Temple Circle:
There is still time for you to start your very own Temple Circle. With the change to one session per year, you can now sign up to start a group between now and January 2023!

For questions regarding leading a Temple Circle or if you just want to say YES, please contact Marilynn Rothstein at marilynn@earlmar.com or (954) 709-7789 or Julie Stein at juliedstein@gmail.com or (205) 967-2349!

Registration for these Temple Circles ends on September 5, 2022. Continue to watch for our upcoming Temple Circles which will be rolling out after our initial start date of October 6, 2022.

While Temple Circles is a free program for those who participate, we invite you to support our initiative through a tax-deductible donation.