Tikkun Olam

Yom Kippur Food Drive


Beverages – coffee, tea, cocoa, bullion, juice, water

Canned Meats – tuna, salmon, sardines, chicken, beef

Canned Meals – spaghetti, chili, chunky soups, etc

Boxed Meals – macaroni and cheese and shelf-stable microwave dinners

Canned Vegetables – regular and mini-size

Canned Fruit – regular and mini-size

Cereals – breakfast cereal and oatmeal, grits, etc

Staples – Dried beans, pasta, and rice (up to 2 lbs of rice)

Household Supplies – toilet tissue, paper towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, Vaseline, adult diapers, wipes, etc.

Spreads & Condiments – peanut butter, jelly, honey, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, etc.

Sweets – hard candy, diabetic candy, individual-size puddings, individually packaged cookies, protein bars, etc

Please check expiration dates. Our recipients cannot accept expired items. Plastic is preferable over glass as it weighs less and broken glass can be dangerous. Bring your food donations to the reception desk at Temple Emanu-El by September 17, 2021.


Erev Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur Day

Our 10 – day campaign raises money for

  • Collat Jewish Family Services
  • Greater Birmingham Ministries
  • Family Promise

Make checks out to Temple Emanu-El with 10-Day Campaign in the note or you may donate on our website, ourtemple.org, or drop cash/checks in the Tzedakah Box in the Temple lobby.


We are working every day to make our world a better place. Interested in joining us or have any questions? Contact Monika Singletary at monika@ourtemple.org.

One of Temple Emanu-El’s core values is to make a difference in our Birmingham community. These actions take place on both personal and institutional levels. To name a few:

  1. Four times a year, Temple classrooms are converted to bedrooms to welcome homeless families for a week of housing, meals, and activities through Family Promise of Birmingham. Congregants are actively involved, providing time, money, and meals. Temple volunteers serve food and stay overnight with our guests.
  2. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, congregants volunteer to prepare and serve meals to the homeless at Grace Episcopal Church, through the Community Kitchens Project.
  3. Each Spring on ‘Mitzvah Day’, over 100 Temple volunteers join together engaging in Tikkun Olam by doing service projects for 6-8 community programs. This past year included: community clean-up for Grace Klein Community, Glen Iris Elementary School, and Elmwood Cemetery; creating special gifts for Children’s of Alabama and UAB Oncology; sorting and creating packages for the homeless from the Temple Emanu-El Clothing Closet.
  4. Our High Holy Day Food Drive provides truckloads of non-perishable food to 5 local food banks.
  5. Our High Holy Day Giving Campaign raises funds that are distributed to 3 local agencies supporting the less fortunate in our community.
  6. During our Chanukah Toy Drive, known as ‘Feeling Gelty’, we collect donated gifts for those in underserved communities to come and select items for their families. We have been serving approximately 200 children through this highly successful annual project.
  7. A giant tzedakah box, designed in the shape of our synagogue, stands proudly in our Temple with donations being distributed to a different local organization each month.