Cemetery Info

This guide has been created to provide you with a concise reference for answers to questions about the impending loss of a loved one and the ensuing process of what to do when a loved one dies. You will find information about Jewish customs, procedures for making arrangements, descriptions of each of the cemeteries, as well as information about the purchase and ultimate care and maintenance of your family plot.

In addition to dealing with charged emotions following a death, the mourner must make some immediate decisions related to the deceased, hopefully with the help of other family members or friends. The clergy at Temple Emanu-El are available to assist in making these decisions, as well as your local funeral home.

The Cemetery Care Committee currently oversees the care and maintenance of four cemeteries:

  1. Elmwood Cemetery
  2. Northside Jewish Cemetery
  3. Jasper Jewish Cemetery
  4. Gadsden Jewish Cemetery

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about the cemeteries, first call Temple Emanu-El, 205-933-8037.