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September 27
7:45 PM – Kol Nidre

September 28
9:00 AM – Yom Kippur Family Service

10:30 AM – Yom Kippur Morning Service
Sermon: “You Will Be Found”

1:30 PM – Yom Kippur Afternoon Service

2:45 PM – Yom Kippur speaker from Israel, Julian Resnick
Julian Resnick is the founder of Journeys Making Meaning: Guiding the Jewish Story in Israel and Around the World. Born in South Africa, Julian made Aliyah in 1976. He has served as a consultant to the Movement for Progressive Judaism in England, and to NFTY and the Reform Movement in Israel.

4:00 PM – Healing Service

4:30 PM – Yizkor & Evening Service


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Yizkor Memorial Book
A limited number of copies of the Memorial Book are also available to pick up at Temple upon request (205-933-8037) 


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Yom Kippur: The Three Levels of Forgiveness

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