UPDATE: JUNE 21, 2021

Dear Temple Family,

Data from the pandemic continues to show a reduction in the number of people in our community who are getting sick and are testing positive for COVID 19.

In accordance with the regional/local data and CDC recommendations, we are excited to announce that the temple will loosen its COVID risk tier to the yellow/green category.

A few important points about being in Yellow/Green:

  1. Everyone who enters will be asked to attest to their vaccination status.
    1. Those who are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 + 2 weeks, will no longer be required to wear a mask
    2. Those who are not fully vaccinated will need to continue to wear a mask
  2. Food prep will be required to wear a mask regardless of immune status
  3. We will no longer require sign-up for temple services
  4. We will continue to ask avoid coming to temple if you have symptoms of COVID-19, but we will no longer require a temperature check
  5. Food will now be allowed
    1. During community-wide events (for example during the Shabbat Oneg), food will be available for individual consumption; but no communal food will be available
    2. During private events, communal food will be optional but will require a server
  6. Spacing – we will continue to request that you provide at least 3 feet distance between non-household members.

We will continue to evaluate our local data, new recommendations and continue to make recommendations that are in the best interest of the temple community at large. Thank you for your partnership as we work together to keep our Temple family safe.


For more information, please click here.