Legacy Stories
“The song ‘Standing on the Shoulders’ speaks so much to the mission of the Endowment Fund – and we want this to be part of our legacy.”

Ann & Sam Todd“In the garden there’s a tree planted by someone who only imagined me.  What love, what vision.  I marvel at the gift.  No fruit could be sweeter than this.  I’m standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me…”
~  Doug Colter

Both Ann & I grew up in Birmingham with values that our parents have instilled in both of us: of community and the priority of giving back.  As an interfaith couple, these are the values that are central to both of our Judeo-Christian backgrounds, and that we hope to pass on to our beautiful newborn son, Charlie.

Charlie was named after my Dad; and I hope, like both of our parents, that he will grow up learning to serve others above yourself.  For the past 9 years, every time that we make a gift to the Annual Endowment Gift program, I think about my parents and my grandparents.  It’s a way to honor their legacy.  My mother, especially, was very involved individually, as well as professionally, in helping others with setting up their charitable giving to support those institutions important to them.  She taught me that it is really never too early to give.  It’s part of being a leader and it is very empowering to know that anyone at any age can be a part of providing for both now and into the future. It’s beautiful that you get to see the benefits today —  and that our kids will get to benefit for years to come.

An Endowment is impressive — it can grow with you.  The truth is that it’s never too early to start giving.  And, when we look at our Temple’s Endowment Fund and all of the enhancements it provides, we are so thankful for the generations of thoughtfulness and generosity who came before us. We naturally think of the song, “Standing On The Shoulders” by Doug Colter.  It speaks so much to this mission — and we want this to be part of our legacy.

~ Ann & Sam Todd

Reprinted from the 2021 Annual Report

Leaving Your Legacy

As we honor the visionary commitment of these thoughtful philanthropists, we hope, in turn, that others will be inspired to follow their footsteps. Establishing your personal legacy gift of any size is welcomed — and will leave a unique and lasting imprint of your and/or your family’s deep connection to our traditions, culture, values and congregation.

To learn more about the many legacy opportunities available, click here, or contact Alison Berman in the Endowment Office at aberman@ourtemple.org or (205) 397-0814.